I love wildflowers. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a floral shop bouquet of roses or a lawn neatly lined with daylilies, but there is an intentional nature to a store-bought bouquet and suburban flower beds. Those things are planned, pruned, and perfected.

But a wildflower has no intent, no planning. It surprises you in the unlikeliest of places and times. A wildflower is a flash of color and beauty in an everyday landscape. It’s the poppy springing through a crack in a sidewalk, a rogue dandelion in an otherwise pristine lawn, beautiful and unexpected.

I prefer the wildflower moments in life too. I can plan a day at the beach, a family vacation, or a nice dinner and it’s absolutely wonderful. Bouquets of days and moments perfectly planned and pruned. But it’s the surprising moments that spring up in the middle of the mundane that make me smile the most. Moments that aren’t scheduled or safe but accidental and abrupt. The things in life that stop you in your tracks and make you appreciate the otherwise ordinary day.

I hope you find some wildflowers in your day today. Some dark green and bright petaled moment that stops you in your tracks, scatters your thoughts and makes you smile before you continue on your way.

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